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Alkaline Water Cup – 500 ml


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Product Description

I started using the Longrich Pi Cup four months ago, after several weeks I noticed an anti-inflammatory effect, a large reduction in the Arthritic pain in my hands, fingers and knees. I also lost weight that had been caused by fluid retention.I love drinking the Alkaline Water the Stainless Steel Pi Cup produces and I love having it with me at all times as it eliminates buying plastic bottles of water, thus reducing landfill as well as saving a great deal of money.  - Terry D,  Mornington 


Alkaline water leads to healthy life!

It can help fight aging and bone loss, reduce blood pressure, and is naturally cleansing.

Alkaline Balance Water is not only suitable for long-term consumption by healthy person, but also plays an apparent role on regulating gastrointestinal and blood lipid, as well as anti-oxidant, anti-fatigue and  beautifying.


Water is the source of life and people’s demand for water is second only to oxygen. Water accounts for 60% to 70% of adult weight, and acts as intermediary in all life activities of human beings. Water in the body can improve digestion, metabolism and blood circulation, balance body temperature, transform nutrients, nourish cells and excrete waste. Its quality is equivalent to that of life.

Alkaline Ionised Water is a more powerful antioxidant, effective detoxifier, and superior hydrator, compared to “conventional” drinking water.


Alkaline water is beneficial to our health (pH 7.5-8.5)
Neutral water is neutral to our health (pH 6-7.4)
Acidic water is harmful to our health (pH 3-5.9)
Acidic environment in your body can cause many problems:
  1. Our body has difficulty transporting oxygen.
  2. Our bones are losing calcium leading to osteoporosis.
  3. Development of kidney stones potentially causing damage to the kidneys.
  4. Promotes cancer growth, obesity, fatigue, etc

What makes your body more acidic?

Alkaline water can improve health because when people eat an acidic diet and drink water which is not alkaline, the body has to balance blood pH by leaching important minerals such as magnesium, potassium, and calcium from tissues, bones, and teeth. This contributes to bone loss, tooth decay, and cellular aging. People with systems that are acidic, as measured by saliva pH, can have many symptoms and disorders including muscle and joint pain, fatigue, headaches, indigestion, excessive mucous and dry skin and hair. On the other hand, high-alkaline diets prevent and treat degenerative diseases, such as arthritis, cancer, heart disease and kidney disorders.

The Advantages of Alkaline Water Cup

Alkaline Balance

Acidic physical conditions are the source of various sickness. Most ordinary drinking water appears to be slightly acidic. Long-term drinking of slightly acidic water will accelerate the increase of acidity of the body. Water that is filtered by the π-cup has a pH value in the range of weak alkalinity. This is beneficial for clearing acidic waste from the body and improving the body’s acidic environment.

Small/Micro Molecular Activity

With technology like electrolysis and far-infrared,  alkaline water cup activates water quality by changing it into small molecule cluster water. Small molecule cluster water provides strong penetration and good solubility, easily absorbed, improves body micro-circulation and promote metabolism.


Ordinary drinking water has positive potential that causes oxidation and aging. Specific negative potential technology of the π-cup water can deliver more active hydrogen for body and eliminate excess free radicals, help to enhance immunity and delay aging process.


Upon unique combination of the water cup’s filter, the  water provides supplements, minerals and trace elements according to the most appropriate proportion for human body to make the water suitable for absorption. It can also effectively strengthen the rate of zinc extraction to 100% and enhance human immunity.

Anion Exchange

Ordinary drinking water does not carry negative ions, but the π-cup water is rich in negative ions, which can carry more oxygen for body. The π-cup water also helps activate cells, enhance water quality and taste.

Eliminates Chlorine

Being a strong oxidant, chlorine can undermine the oral mucosa. Upon boiling of chlorinated water, the chemical, Trichloromethane, is produced. Trichloromethane is a strong carcinogen (cancer causing substance). The water cup, can effectively remove the chlorine dissolved in water, preventing damage to our body caused by chlorine toxicity.

Double Layer Tailless Vacuum

High tech insulation with hours, up to 6-8 hours.

High-net filter

Mainly consists of single crystal grade rough ground tourmaline, negative ion ball, tourmaline, which have functions of weakly alkaline, create negative potential and provide high oxygen content.

Combination of double filters

Combination of high-net and low-net filter to achieve different functions and greater effects.

Inner wall and housing

Apply food-grade environmental protection special steel, longer lasting and safer.

Low-net filter

Mainly consist of π-stone, KDF filter material, far infrared ball, which enrich zinc, stimulate small molecules activity, create negative ions, eliminate chlorine and harmful heavy metals. Low-net filter is permanently effective without replacement.

Why We Love It:

Keeping yourself alkaline is your first line of defense in fighting any disease. Alkaline Ionised Water is a more powerful antioxidant, effective detoxifier, and superior hydrator, compared to “conventional” drinking water.

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1 review for Alkaline Water Cup – 500 ml

  1. ivy lemo
    4 out of 5


    I noticed that I started urinating frequently after using the alkaline cup for a few days,also noticed that I lost some weight. I think is worth buying no more regrets after buying… it works especially as an antioxidant.

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